Monday, 28 February 2011

SARABA MAGAZINE: Call for Submissions


from Saraba Magazine

The Fashion Issue

To interrogate fashion and what is fashionable, we are publishing #8 of Saraba. As usual, our concerns are beyond the superficial details of everyday life. We are asking previously unasked questions, contemplating questions about art and life that may remain unasked were we silent.

There is so much to write about ‘Fashion’ that it is impossible to make a list. So we ask you to draw the line yourself.

Send us work that interrogates fashion in ways that we wouldn’t have contemplated – let this be as much about dress as it is about life.

See an example in Suzanne Ushie’s “The Serious Guide to Becoming a Seriously Unfashionable Writer.”

We’ll accept entries until 1st of March 2011. If you’ll feel better, let us into your head before you submit.

Please use our Submission Manager at

And read our submission guidelines.

So, expecting your submissions.


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