Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s love story to Nigeria

Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s love story to Nigeria

By Ireyimika Oyegbami

Sarah Ladipo Manyika’s love for her fatherland goes deep. “It is not only Tayo and Vanessa’s love story, it is also a love story to Nigeria,” the writer said of her debut novel, ‘In Dependence’, at the Lagos leg of her reading tour of Nigeria on November 7 at Quintessence, Falomo, Ikoyi.

Tunji Lardner anchored the event where Manyika calmly took questions, ahead of her later reading at Pen & Pages, Wuse, Abuja, on Tuesday, November 10.

Though not born in the Nigeria of the 60s which she uses as a setting for the novel, the writer - born of a British mother and a Nigerian father - had an idea of what the period was from her parents. And though her grandparents opposed her mother’s marriage to a Nigerian—not unlike Tayo and Vanessa in the novel – Manyika insists ‘In Dependence’ is not her parents’ story. “Tayo is a dashing young man, my father is quite handsome so maybe that informed the way I portrayed Tayo. But save for the landscape descriptions which I’m quite familiar with, the story is a work of fiction,” she said.

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